Song Joong Ki Spotted Recently Attending His Younger Sister’s Graduation Ceremony

He looks radiant!

Song Joong Ki may be one of the most popular actors in South Korean, but has always been flying under the radar. His most recent social media update was on June 3, 2022, when he posted a captionless photo on Instagram of him reading a cue card.

For those thirsting after an update, he was recently spotted in public — but in the most unexpected place. Song Joong Ki was sighted at a graduation ceremony at Seoul National University. It turns out that his younger sister had recently graduated with a PhD from the prestigious school! Song Joong Ki went to congratulate her.

Song Joong Ki and his two siblings at the ceremony. | theqoo

He had even brought a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her. Song Joong Ki couldn’t hide his handsome looks even in a simple T-shirt and cap. Fans were glad to see him smiling. His brother was also present at the ceremony. The three have always been close! He even once shared a photo of the three in their youth.

The Song siblings. | theqoo

Congratulations to her once again. Song Joong Ki will soon be returning to the small screen with The Chaebol’s Youngest Son. It will be aired some time in 2022. It is about a worker of a chaebol conglomerate family, who is wrongfully accused of embezzlement. After being murdered by their youngest son, he ends up in the body of his killer. Masquerading as their maknae, he then takes his revenge on the family.

Source: theqoo