Song Kang’s Character in K-Drama “My Demon” Is Going Viral For Resembling A Popular K-Pop Idol

“His whole character is based on…”

Actor Song Kang‘s newest character is going viral after netizens believe he resembles a K-Pop idol.

Actor Song Kang | @songkang_b/Instagram

Song Kang is currently starring in the show My Demon with actress Kim Yoo Jung.

The poster for “My Demon”

Since the show started airing, netizens have been obsessed with the show, and Song Kang has shown his charismatic side through the character of Jeong Gu Won.



While netizens love the comedic nature of the show and the chemistry between the two main stars, netizens noticed one thing about Song Kang.

After watching some clips from the K-Drama, netizens noticed some similarities to a popular K-Pop idol… and it’s none other than TXT‘s Yeonjun.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @yawnzzn/Instagram

Since debuting, Yeonjun has showcased his skills as a true all-rounder, but he also has gained attention for his unreal charm and personality.



After the premiere of My Demon, netizens noticed that Song Kang’s character resembles Yeonjun, especially when he gets angry. In one TikTok, the user put clips of Song Kang.


In the comments, netizens immediately couldn’t stop seeing Yeonjun even though he wasn’t mentioned in the video.

When the TikTok video was shared on X, it immediately gained attention among netizens…

Netizens couldn’t get over the resemblance.

In another TikTok that went viral, it had the same sentiment of comparing Song Kang’s character and Yeonjun.


Songkang di my demon Yeonjun banget gak sih? 😭 #txt #yeonjun #songkang #mydemon

♬ Happily Ever After – TOMORROW X TOGETHER

When the video was posted, the comments were full of netizens loving the Yeonjun-coded character and how they couldn’t help but see the idol when they were watching both the video and the show in general.

Many have joked that the two stars resemble each other with their visuals so, hopefully, fans can see them interacting at some point in the future.


Source: @do_u_know_watermelon