Song Kang “Cosplays” As EXO Members In “My Demon”

He slayed these looks!

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My Demon viewers all collectively thought of EXO during a new episode!

Song Kang (top) and Kim Yoo Jung (bottom) in “My Demon” poster
EXO | SM Entertainment

In Episode 11, Jeong Gu Won, played by Song Kang, did a mini fashion show for his wife, Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung), to decide what to wear that day. He put on a variety of outfits, and while Do Hee didn’t like everything, Song Kang proved that he could make anything look good!

One of the outfits he tried on was a red suit, including matching pants, waistcoat, and jacket. K-Pop fans immediately had flashbacks of EXO Kai‘s iconic “Love Shot” era, in which he wore a nearly identical outfit!


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♬ Love Shot – EXO

Viewers collectively thought of Kai when Song Kang appeared in the all-red fit. We certainly see the similarities!


Kai was not the only EXO member Song Kang’s Gu Won channeled. Fans also noted similarities between his final outfit, the one Do Hee selected, and Chen‘s from “Cream Soda.”

The My Demon stylist must be an EXO-L!

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