Song Seung Heon Heavily Criticized for His Behavior at a Supermarket During COVID-19 Outbreak

“That was uncomfortable to watch.” – Netizen

Actor Song Seung Heon recently appeared on MBC’s I Live Alone where he shared the details of his daily life in Jejudo, Korea.

But following the most recent episode, Song Seung Heon came under fire for failing to wear a mask in a public space such as the grocery store.

In the latest episode, Song Seung Heon visited a local grocery store in order to buy some ingredients for his next meal.

During his visit, he showed off his stunning visuals, putting many locals in awe.

But the fact that he shopped at the grocery store without a mask on in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak made Song Seung Heon the target of much criticism online.

Considering how crucial Korean citizens consider wearing masks in the pandemic, many are criticizing the actor for not acting appropriately on television.

What made the behavior stand out, even more, was the fact that most people at the grocery store were wearing masks except for Song Seung Heon.

Following the broadcast, many netizens took to MBC’s I Live Alone bulletin board to post criticisms such as “Why didn’t he wear a mask during this COVID-19 pandemic?“, “The producers should have been more attentive“, and “That was uncomfortable to watch“.

Song Seung Heon has yet to respond to the controversy.

Source: Insight