Song Seung Heon’s Agency Clarifies That Liking Ex-Girlfriend Liu Yifei’s Post Was Just an Accident

He recently liked one of Liu Yifei posts, which sparked various rumors online.

Actor Song Seung Heon responded to the online debate sparked online following his act of liking one of the ex-girlfriend, Liu Yifei‘s Weibo post.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Song Seung Heon liked a post shared by Liu Yifei, and this sparked all sorts of online rumors about the possibility that the couple got back together.

But just today, Song Seung Heon’s agency stated, “The two stars have not gotten back together. The like was an accident committed by a staff member who was trying to post an official poster on Song Seung Heon’s Weibo account.

They continued, “A staff member was uploading a new drama poster in Song Seung Heon’s stead when they accidentally pressed ‘like.’ The situation escalated after that, and we’re taken aback by it.

Back in 2015, Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei starred in The Third Way of Love together, which later escalated into a relationship.

But in 2018, the couple split up after 3 years since the public announcement of their relationship.

Source: Dispatch