A Kiss Scene Between Song Kang And Han So Hee Ended Up Going Deep Despite The Director Telling Them To Keep It Short

It wasn’t supposed to last that long.

In a recent behind-the-scenes video for K-Drama Nevertheless, a secret about the heart-fluttering kiss scene in episode 3 was revealed. While the long kiss made viewers squeal with delight, the director originally had other plans.

Han So Hee confirmed with the director right before the scene was filmed, that the kiss was supposed to be quick peck.

Han So Hee’s character, Nabi, was supposed to push him away immediately.

However, the kiss lasted a whole 5 seconds before Nabi finally pushed him away.

Did the actors get carried away during filming? Either way, Song Kang made sure to end the sweet moment with an adorable smile.

Here’s the scene from another angle, just because.

Thank god the actors went against the directions. Otherwise, we might not have gotten that spicy scene! Check out the moment below.

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