“Navillera” Actor Song Kang Shares His Thoughts On Being Called “Netflix’s Son” As Well As His New Drama

He talks about his latest drama, “Navillera”.

Song Kang is set to star in newly produced K-Drama, Navillera. Ahead of the drama’s launch, he shared his thoughts regarding it during an online press conference on March 16, 2021.

Song Kang has starred in various Netflix originals to date, including Sweet Home and Love Alarm 1 and 2. Navillera will be his latest Netflix release. Given this, he has been dubbed “Netflix Korea’s Son“, much as To All The Boys‘ star Noah Centineo has been called Netflix’s son globally. Song Kang spoke up about the nickname and his experience on the set of Navillera.

While the drama is of a different type, while I was studying up on the character, I think I did not think that it was hard at all. To be honest, I think I did not feel pressured regarding audience appeal. I was very satisfied as I was able to learn a lot from the set.

— Song Kang

He also describes Navillera as a piece of work that allows viewers to feel charmed by the simple stories of daily life. He revealed that through this drama, he hopes to become an actor worthy of that title.

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Navillera is about a 70 year old retiree, Shim Duk Cheol (played by Park In Hwan) who starts ballet at an old age, to chase his childhood dreams which he previously shelved to better provide for his family. Song Kang plays a 23 year old ballet student who meets Duk Cheol. Song Kang is struggling financially after choosing to pursue ballet despite his father’s wishes. His mother, who passed away, used to be a ballerina.

Navillera will air on March 22, 2021 on tvN and Netflix. It is a remake of a Daum webtoon by the same name.

Source: Star Today