“Sweet Night” Songwriters Respond To BTS Fans’ “Clout Chaser” Allegations, Harassment

Melanie Joy Fontana, her manager, and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz have all addressed the issue.

Songwriters Melanie Joy Fontana and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz have responded to BTS fans’ criticism regarding V‘s song “Sweet Night”.

“Sweet Night” was released back in March for the K-Drama Itaewon Class OST (Part 12). It was produced by and Hiss noise, and cowritten by V, Hiss noise, ADORA, Melanie Joy Fontana, and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz.

On July 14, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) uploaded a photo of Fontana on Instagram, highlighting her work on “Sweet Night”.

The post received an overwhelming amount of backlash from fans that soon spread to other social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Fans alleged that Fontana, who has worked with BTS many times, was taking too much credit for “Sweet Night”.

As tensions rose, some fans crossed the line from criticism to cyberbullying, harassing Fontana online and calling her inappropriate names.

In response, Schulz addressed the harassment, stating that he and Fontana wrote “every single word in ‘Sweet Night’.”


Fontana also stated that they wrote the English lyrics for “Sweet Night”.

In addition to this, Fontana’s manager Justin J. Garza replied to DMs from fans. He said that “Sweet Night” was a group effort and that the songwriters “all added value towards the final outcome of the song.” 

Like Schulz, he also called these fans out for bullying Fontana.

Some fans, however, found these responses unsatisfactory, especially one in which the manager states that “Sweet Night” (an all-English song) was translated into Korean.

Following the backlash, UMPG deleted their Instagram post.

UMPG Removes Controversial Post, Following Backlash From BTS Fans