BTS Shares RM’s Vacuum Fight Story, A Tale Of Messiness And Revenge

BTS shared a new funny story from their rookie days.

BTS‘s members are best friends, but living together hasn’t always been easy.

In the beginning, the members shared a tiny dorm with bunk beds and hardly any room for their combined wardrobe, let alone seven men.

As their success grew, so did their home.

They moved to bigger and better dorms before finally taking up residence in the luxurious Hannam the Hill apartment complex.

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In Episode 2 of In the SOOP, BTS shared stories about their rookie days. One involved RM, a vacuum, and late-night revenge. After being scolded and nagged for being messy, he let all his frustration out…

…by cleaning. One night, he aggressively vacuumed their home, and the members still remember it to this day.

The noise was loud enough to wake Suga up!

Ironically, RM would complain about the other members being noisy at night, but he was the one snoring…

…and singing.

All at once, Jimin‘s rookie rage came back to him as he remembered RM’s loudness. “Who is it? Who is it and why was he always on the phone?” he demanded.

In his defense, RM had nothing to say. All he can do is make up for the past by being quiet in the present!