Sooyoung says BTS is a source of inspiration for her

Sooyoung revealed to W Magazine that she gets inspired by BTS’s success in America.

She complimented BTS for their latest win at the Billboard Music Awards 2017.

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Sooyoung explained that BTS’s success helps inspire her to work harder for Girls’ Generation.

“When I see BTS – who do very well – win at an American award show, it motivates me to wonder what kind of performance we need to show in order for people to say ‘Of course, it’s Girls’ Generation.'”

— Sooyoung

Thanks to BTS, she’s gained more greed towards her career.

“I’m greedy about doing good pieces. Before I thought that the time will come for me, but these days I changed to wondering how I can get those projects. It’s the same for my career as a singer.”

— Sooyoung

Fans are excited to see how BTS’s inspiration will play out in Girls’ Generation’s new comeback!

Source:  W Magazine

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