Sooyoung Has Signed With A New Company…Here’s What That Means For Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung has signed with another agency and fans have been wondering about the group’s future now that she’s no longer with S.M. Entertainment.

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On November 10, Echo Global Group announced the news, welcoming Sooyoung as the newest addition to the agency.

Sooyoung became the latest artist to sign with this relatively new company which is also home to many Korean actors including Daniel Henney, Dong Hyun Bae, Lee Jung Min, and Bae Noo Ri.

“Hello, The Echo Global Group and actor/singer Sooyoung, have come together to start a new relationship. First of all, we are very pleased to be accompanied by Sooyoung, a leading Korean artist who is a member of Girls’ Generation and a talented actress who has great potential.”

— Representative from Echo Global Group

Source: Vonze

Even though Sooyoung signed with another agency, it seems that they are supportive of her Girls’ Generation activities, provided conditions allow it.

“As she is an artist who is loved domestically but also internationally, we will be actively utilizing our wide-ranged platforms to fully support all of her activities. Also, as she has been loved for a long time as a member of Girls’ Generation, if the conditions for Girls’ Generation’s activities are allowed in the future, we will also be supporting them.”

— Representative from Echo Global Group

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S.M. Entertainment released a statement in early October that Sooyoung, Seohyun, and Tiffany decided not to renew their contracts with the agency.

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Fans are crossing their fingers for S.M. Entertainment to support Girls’ Generation even though all the members are not represented by the same agency.

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