Sooyoung talks about Jessica for Girls’ Generation 10th Anniversary

Ahead of the group’s 10 year anniversary, Sooyoung talked about the secret to Girl’s Generation‘s longevity as a group in a recent interview.

Sooyoung recently held an interview and talked about the secrets of how Girls’ Generation has stuck together for 10 years and why they were able to stay together for so long.

Sooyoung revealed why the group’s bond is so strong due to closeness in the group as friends beyond co-workers, as well as no member of the group is treated better than any other member.

“The members are really close. We aren’t just connected through work, but we’re also friends. One member isn’t better than another just cause they are older. We all know each other’s likes and dislikes. We also respect each other and concede where needed.”

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung

The interviewer told Sooyoung that if they had to choose the biggest crisis during Girls’ Generation’s 10 years as a group, they would pick Jessica‘s departure. Sooyoung replied to this with a line from the hit drama Goblin instead with a more upbeat tone.

“All the days we spent together were good. Because the days were good, because the days were not good, and because the days were just right.”

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung

Sooyoung and Girls’ Generation will be releasing an album in late July or early August to commemorate the group’s 10 year anniversary and the members will also participate in a “monthly Girls’ Generation” special, where a member will release a new solo song every month.

Source: Sports Donga 1, 2