The SOPA Scandal: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

This is an update on the SOPA scandal’s investigations, the petition, and more.

The School Of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) has been the subject of controversy ever since students spoke out about injustices they allegedly faced while attending it.


On February 17, a group of students posted a performance video, which reveals the corruption of management and the degradation of the students. Allegedly, students were coerced into performing shows for private individuals while scantily-clad at the principal’s “private parties”. They were also allegedly forced to do skinship with other individuals, including soldiers. These are only some of the injustices students claimed to have faced.


According to the students, when they tried to reveal these injustices through social media, the principal and others threatened to sue them for libel. This is what prompted the students to make this video even knowing that it could cause legal trouble for them.


Subsequently, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education told SOPA to dismiss the principal and the executive director, but the school did not accept it. SOPA’s principal and executive director are currently “not showing any signs of resigning”, despite being under investigation.


This ultimately led to parents filing a petition to the government on February 21. As of March 19, the petition has gathered over 200,000 signatures.


A police investigation is currently underway. According to KBS News, the Seoul Guro Police said that they have confiscated the school chairman’s office and administrative room.

We are investigating the charges based on the complaint filed by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

— Seoul Guro Police

Source: Huffington Post Korea and Newsis