Sori Defends Her Pole Dancing Outfit and Pleads Netizens to Change Their Views on the Sport

She wants netizens to get rid of their prejudice against pole dancing.

Sori recently faced backlash for the pole dancing outfit she wore in a post, but she unapologetically defended her choice and pleaded netizens to change their views on the sport.

Sori took to her Instagram account to express her opinions on the controversy.

She expressed, “Pole dancing is a type of sport. Just like how there is specific attire for other sports, there are suitable outfits for pole dancing as well.

Sori stressed that there are professional pole dancers who work hard at their craft and urged netizens to keep their opinions to themselves if they don’t know much about the sport.

There are professional pole dancers to work hard to learn and perfect their craft. If you don’t know anything, get rid of your prejudice. I didn’t have appropriate attire, so a member lent hers to me. If you’ve never tried it before, don’t say anything until you have.

– Sori

She then went on to apologize to her fellow pole dancers for causing them harm.

I’m sorry to the others and my teachers for what happened because of a newbie like me.

– Sori

Ahead of this post, Sori uploaded a photo of herself pole dancing which was faced with backlash from netizens that claimed she was “too exposed.”

Check out a video of Sori pole dancing below:

Source: Dispatch