Sources Reveal Kim Woo Bin Is Preparing To Make A Comeback, Agency Responds

Sources have claimed that Kim Woo Bin was considering some of his offers.

On January 9, it was reported that actor Kim Woo Bin was recovering from cancer and preparing to make a comeback.


According to multiple sources, the actor had received numerous offers and was seriously considering a few of them.

“I think the audience will be able to see Kim Woo Bin, who has recovered much of his health, through a new work this year. His condition has improved a lot recently and numerous scenarios from Chungmuro have been offered. In fact, he is seriously considering a few of thse works.”

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On the same day, Kim Woo Bin’s agency released a statement that indicated that although his condition has improved, there are no plans for his comeback just yet.

“His condition has improved but there are no plans for a comeback yet. Recovery is the first priority and therefore, he is still focusing on recovering his health.”

ㅡ Sidus HQ


Actor Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May 2017 and has since halted all activities to focus on his treatment.

[★BREAKING] Kim Woo Bin diagnosed with Cancer


At the time, Kim Woo Bin was preparing to star in the film, Wiretapping, which was ultimately delayed due to the actor’s health.

Kim Woo Bin’s Movie Delayed Due To His Cancer Treatment


In December 2017, the actor wrote a hand-written letter to his fans, updating them on his treatments and conditions and promising them to return one day in a healthy condition.

I’ll return one day to greet everyone, healthily, as if nothing had happened. I thank you and thank you again. I love you. My WooriBins.

ㅡ Kim Woo Bin


Whether or not he makes a comeback, however, fans are simply concerned about his health condition and have been encouraging him on in his fight with cancer.

  • “With all of these sudden deaths occurring around me lately, everything seems pointless. Health is of utmost importance so please get plenty of rest before returning.”
  • “Right, nothing is more important than health.”
  • “I have to say, I was a little excited after hearing about the comeback. Although the facts are not completely clear, health is always the greatest priority so I will continue to support you silently and hope that you will be able to recover quickly and become healthier than anyone else.”
Source: Sports Chosun and TV Report