South Korea Now Offers Green Onion Flavored Cereal — And It’s Everyone’s Nightmare

Yes. That green onion.

Back in 2004, the cereal brand Kellogg Korea held an interesting promotional contest…

… asking its target of young Korean customers to vote for “Chex Choco World’s President”. The final candidates came down to a chocolate-flavored Chex Cheki

If I become the president of Chex Choco World, I’ll make the chocolate Chex even more chocolatey!

— Cheki

… and a green onion-flavored Chex Chaka.

When I become the president of Chex Choco World, I’m going to add green onion flavor to the chocolate Chex. Pick me!

— Chaka

The plan had been that Kellogg would officially produce the winner — obviously predicted to be the chocolate-flavored one.

Unfortunately, this marketing act went so very wrong. The internet got involved 200% and pushed the green onion-flavored Chex Chaka to take the win!

At the time, Kellogg Korea disregarded around 40K+ votes put toward Chaka — insisting that they are invalid for being cast by ineligible methods. Shortly after, Cheki got “elected” and so Kellogg released their chocolate-flavor enhanced Chex.


A whole 16 yeas later though, on July 1, 2020, Kellogg Korea finally came clean — and released the green onion-flavored Chex, as it should have in 2004.

Chex Green Onion

The commercial, featuring one of the most popular Korean trot masters Tae Jin Ah

Trot Singer Tae Jin Ah

… apologizes for taking so long to keep the promise. Kellogg Korea also shared in the video description, that they “finally decided to listen to the customers.”

The limited-edition green onion-flavored Chex, playfully dubbed the “Result of True Democracy”, has sparked intense curiosity among Koreans. Quick hands have already grabbed a box and gave the new flavor a go…

  • “Wow… I assumed it would taste like those veggie-stix type snacks. But I guess it’s actually green onion-flavored? Kellogg’s is insane, LMAO.”
  • “So apparently, it’s not so bad using these like croutons in soups. I heard that’s a delicious combination.”
  • “LMFAO! I actively cracked up at this.”
  • “It’s not too bad if you eat it without milk… I think? I mean there are green onion flavored snacks in general. It’s like that. But once you pour it in with milk… It’s weird. It’s like not meant to be a cereal. So don’t waste your money…”
  • “Why the heck would a green onion flavored cereal be any good?!”
  • “This literally tastes like sh*t.”
  • “LMAO, oh my goodness. This is f*cking hilarious.”

… though the overall response is more baffled than impressed. Here’s how one brave YouTuber BK described the experience — with his face:

Would you be open to trying a bowl of green onion flavored Chex cereal?

Watch another YouTuber HojuSara‘s review:

Source: THEQOO and NamuWiki