South Korean Man Murders His Own Sister Then Pretends To Be Her To Prevent Missing Human Investigations From Being Opened

He has been brought to justice.

A South Korean man in his late twenties was discovered to have murdered his own sister and dumped her body into a farm waterway. Afterwards, he used his sister’s messenger app accounts in order to convince their mother to close the missing persons case on his sister.

According to police reports, the man had killed his older sister who was in her thirties, using a weapon. After stabbing her, he showed their mother fabricated KakaoTalk chats to convince her not to make a report on his sister. It was later revealed that he shockingly had also carried her tableau during the funeral.

The mother had initially filed a missing persons report mid Februrary but he had convinced her to cancel it. The fabricated conversation claimed the sister had left for a trip with her boyfriend. The man had even faked concerned messages to his sister’s account.

It was said that he sent messages such as, “If you look for me, I’ll hide away” from his sister’s account. This led his mother to believe that if the missing persons report was cancelled, the sister would contact the family first.

The police suspect that the man had taken his sister’s USIM phone chip to get ahold of her messenger accounts. It was also found out that a sum of money had been transferred from his sister’s account to his.

In a confession to the police during investigations, the man claimed to have stabbed his sister during a fight in December 2020. As his sister had nagged him about returning home late, he did it in a fit of anger. He placed the body on the apartment rooftop for 10 days before moving it using a rented car and dumping it in a waterway.

The body was discovered April 21, 2021.

Source: Money Today