This South Korean Soccer Player Is So Popular Among Female Fans His Coach Thinks It’s A Problem

“He’s getting treated like a pop star…”

As the euphoria of victory was setting at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, the star of the game, South Korean midfielder Lee Kang In, received a standing ovation from a sea of 59,000 adoring fans. The young prodigy’s mesmerizing performance against Tunisia, which saw him netting two goals in a 4-0 triumph, has propelled him into a realm of celebrity usually reserved for K-Pop idols. But as the adulation showers down upon Lee, his coach Jurgen Klinsmann wears a look of concern rather than elation.

22-year-old Lee, who plies his trade for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), has become a sensation in his homeland, particularly among female fans of the national team. His youthful charm, coupled with his masterful control of the football, has created a cult of personality around him. However, this level of stardom, Klinsmann fears, may obscure the gritty reality of the beautiful game — where only persistent hard work and mental fortitude lead to sustained success.

Klinsmann, no stranger to the limelight from his illustrious playing days, emphasized the need for Lee to remain grounded amidst the swirling vortex of fame. Though he clarified that working with Kang In “is a joy” because “he’s always in a good mood, he’s always smiling,” Klinsmann also had to issue a warning.

Here, he’s getting treated like a pop star, which is not good because a pop star doesn’t score goals. He has to stay humble, focused, work hard, and fight.

— Jurgen Klinsmann

The coach’s words were not just a caution for Lee but a narrative that resonates across the modern football landscape, where the aura of celebrity can eclipse the essence of the sport. Klinsmann’s concerns reflect a seasoned understanding of the pitfalls of early fame.

Against Tunisia, Lee showcased his fighting spirit, tirelessly battling for possession and ultimately scoring his first two goals for the senior national team. It was a display of tenacity that Klinsmann had wished to see, a testament to Lee’s ability to handle the pressure amidst the glittering allure of stardom.

Lee’s journey from the Spanish youth academies to the illustrious fields of PSG is a tale of sheer determination and skill. His recent transfer to PSG, a club known for grooming world-class talents, is an opportunity for Lee to hone his abilities further under the watchful eyes of some of the finest in the sport.

Klinsmann believes PSG is the ideal crucible for Lee to mature as a player.

When a club like Paris Saint-Germain takes a player from Korea, it means that it’s a very special player. Kang In is hugely talented.

— Jurgen Klinsmann

But as Lee’s star continues to rise, the words of his coach echo a timeless reminder — beneath the glamor and adoration, the gritty reality of football demands a relentless pursuit of excellence, a lesson every young prodigy navigating the turbulent waters of fame must learn.

Source: Yonhap News