South Korean Professional Soccer Athletes Charged For Rape Of Drunk Woman

They allegedly conspired to carry out the crime.

As of August 8, 2023, two professional South Korean soccer athletes have been charged for rape. As their first trial concluded, they were sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment.

The two athletes hail from the famous Gangwon FC, a part of the K-League made up of regional professional teams. The charged players’ names have not been revealed, but are known to be of 27 and 24 years of age.

It was reported that after conspiring, they intruded a motel and raped a woman who had been asleep due to intoxication. The court deemed that the two did not seem to show any reflection or remorse after their crime, and sentenced them heavily. One of the perpetrators insisted that there was no conspiring, and that it was not intrusion. Despite this, the judge did not accept his claims.

It was said that one of the perpetrators met the woman through social media, and followed her to a motel after she was drunk.

Source: YTN