South Korean YouTuber Assaulted By Hooligan Soccer Fans In Greece, Sparking Huge Outrage Online

A shameful incident of Greece’s recurring football violence.

On September 16, a South Korean YouTuber who goes by his channel name Buona Seba. was attacked in Greece near the Olympiacos soccer club’s Karaiskakis Stadium. He sustained injuries to his face and had his phone stolen in the incident.

Karaiskakis Stadium | Shutterstock

Seba was in Greece to support the two South Korean players on the Olympiacos team, Hwang Ui Jo and Hwang In Beom in the match against Freiburg. He was just outside the stadium doing a live broadcast when a group attacked him physically. The attackers were apparently fans of the football club, as suggested by their clothing. The incident was caught on camera, where Seba can be heard yelling “Let go! Let go!” multiple times.

As the video started doing its rounds on social media, people demanded justice for this heinous attack on an innocent supporter. Olympiacos responded to the incident by condemning the attack and offered a season ticket to Seba that would allow him to be at Karaiskakis Stadium whenever he wants.

Football should be for the sake of the joy of life. It goes without saying that those who cause violence and create a bad image for the club in international media will not have a place in our stadium.

— Olympiacos FC

Many Greek fans took to Twitter, posting screenshots from the livestream that showed the potential attackers’ faces and urged the police to take immediate action.

The police have arrested a 19-year-old in connection to the attack and are on the lookout for the other suspects. Meanwhile, this incident has once again highlighted the widespread issue of hooliganism in Greece by football fans. The problem is so severe that this year the Greek government banned all sports team fan clubs until July 31 and increased the maximum sentence for crimes of fan violence from six months to five years.

Source: France 24