Soyul Expresses Concern For The Health Of Her Older Husband Moon Hee Jun

He’s 13 years older than she is.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Soyul expressed her love for her husband Moon Hee Jun as well as her worry about his health.

The former H.O.T. member, Moon Hee Jun is currently 42 years old while the former Crayon Pop member, Soyul is 29.

So Soyul shared that her only wish for 2021 is his health.

Due to the big age gap, Soyul revealed that she’s often concerned about her husband’s health condition.

My husband is 13 years older than me. These days, when he sleeps, he doesn’t sound so good. He’s always groaning and coughing in his sleep.

— Soyul

So she even checks up on him during his sleep.

I’m worried. One day, he just slept without making any movements, so I put my hand against his nose to check that he was still breathing.

— Soyul

According to Soyul, her concern makes their daughter, Heeyul worried as well.

She sees how her mom acts and copies everything.

— Soyul

Aside from health concerns, Soyul fawned over Moon Hee Jun’s signature hairstyle and proved her endless love for her husband.

I think his hair looks sharp and cool. I personally love his hairstyle.

— Soyul

Radio Star airs every Wednesday on MBC.

Source: Dispatch