SPAO Becomes The First Korean Brand To Break Beauty Standards By Using “Real Size” Mannequins

A breakthrough!

Korean SPA brand, SPAO, has decided to start using non-size discriminatory mannequins in their stores. This is the first store ever in South Korea to do so.

The mannequins were developed through a body positive campaign called Every, Body, which was developed by Cheedo and Sandbox Network. The slogan of the campaign was “Shake the frame. Every, body” and was crowdfunded. The funding goals were met at 227% within 5 hours of project launch.

The natural sized mannequins have been made according to the average measurements of men and women aged 25 to 34 in South Korea. While the regular mannequins widely used in stores used to stand at 190cm for men and 184cm for females, these new manequins stand at 172.8cm and 160.9cm respectively. Their bust, waist and hip sizes have been adjusted according to the average as well.

The mannequins are already in store at the SPAO COEX and Starfield Anseong branches. SPAO stated that they hope the mannequins will encourage the message that anyone can enjoy their clothing, regardless of their size.

Source: Newsis