Speculations of special treatment in the military shut down after T.O.P corrected this mistake

Fans may have seen a glimpse of T.O.P’s life in the military, but eagle-eyed readers manage to spot one mishap so far. 

Last February 14th, Nonsan Bootcamp’s official website released photos of their new recruits in their full military outfits. The photos also featured the first glimpse of T.O.P and JYJ’s Junsu in their military uniforms. 

T.O.P attracted interest while he did a salute in a dignified posture along with the squad members. However, as fans looked closely, it was noticed that T.O.P’s name tag was positioned differently than the rest of the squad. He managed to put his name tag on his left chest while the rest of the squad put theirs on their right.

According to the training center, T.O.P acknowledged his mistake and corrected the position of his name tag after he was told to do so. T.O.P’s move to rectify his mistake also dispersed speculations of the military’s preferential treatment towards celebrities.

The different between T.O.P and Junsu’s name tag.

The training is set to last for four weeks before T.O.P is assigned to the National Police Agency to continue the rest of his enlistment.

Source: TVDaily