SPICA Jiwon’s agency updates on her condition after car accident

Just recently, SPICA member Jiwon was reported to have been involved in a minor car accident resulting in three cars colliding with one another. Her agency updates on her condition.

On July 3rd, B2M Entertainment told OSEN“It was not a big accident, she only suffered minor injuries. They are not grave injuries, she was discharged from the hospital after getting treated for a cast on her finger. She was preparing for SPICA’s comeback and had just come out of practice at the time.”

According to the Gangnam Police Station, on June 2nd at 11pm KST, Jiwon crashed into two taxis in the lane next to her at Seongsu Bridge, Apgujeong. She was already cleared from drunk driving and it is revealed it she dosed off at the wheel.

Source: OSEN