Spire Entertainment CEO Exposed For Crushing On OMEGA X Member Pre-Debut

She had been a fan of the maknae while he was a minor.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying and graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Spire Entertainment CEO Kang Seong Hee is being exposed for fangirling over an OMEGA X member before his debut in the group… While he was a minor.

OMEGA X | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

Following the exposing of Kang’s psychological, verbal, and physical abuse of the OMEGA X members, particularly on their 2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT: Don’t give up], netizens revealed social media activity by both her and her husband, Chairman Hwang Seong Woo. In many posts, she defended her behavior towards the group.

Guys, I was waiting outside for the Uber Eats that I ordered and I saw the company CEO hitting the members. I really didn’t know what to do since my hands were shaking so much. They were being hit right in front of me but I couldn’t do anything.

— @hwi_418

CEO Kang Seong Hee: What have you guys done for me? Did you take care of me when I was having a hard time?

CEO Kang Seong Hee: Stop?

Member: [inaudible]… it was right…

CEO Kang Seong Hee: Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are?

Member: [A member] is going to faint.

CEO Kang Seong Hee: I’ve already fainted before!

*sound of someone falling down*

Member: Oh!

CEO Kang Seong Hee: Get up! Now!

Member: What are you doing?!

*sound of a thud*

*sound of someone crying*

FOR X (OMEGA X fans) have continued to trend #PROTECTOMEGAX among other hashtags to bring awareness towards the issues. Thousands have also signed a petition for an investigation.

Finally, Kang issued an apology and resigned from her position as CEO of Spire Entertainment. The company released the statement recently. Yet, there are serious doubts on whether she is truly no longer involved with the company considering her husband is still chairman. Hence, why many netizens are demanding his resignation as well.

Hello. This is Spire Entertainment. More than anything, we bow our heads in apology to the fans who have treasured the OMEGA X members, as well as the members themselves and their parents, who were hurt by this matter.

We also sincerely apologize for disappointing everyone by letting the unfortunate matter happen, as well as for the inadequate way that the company has been dealing with it up to now.

Spire Entertainment will bear the responsibility for everything regarding this matter. In addition, the CEO that caused the unfortunate incidents on tour has resigned from the company voluntarily.

In the future, the company will not shy away from but take into account all the criticism and advice we have received during this time and do our best to solve matters, making sure such things do not happen again.

In addition, we will do all that is in our power to prevent the members of OMEGA X from experiencing such unfortunate matters again and to create a better environment for them to focus on their activities as an artist as we continue to converse with the members.

Thank you

— Spire Entertainment

CEO Kang | @sunghee_kang_/Instagram

With each day, more and more disturbing information concerning Kang and her relationship with OMEGA X comes out. A couple of days ago, SBS exposed that the members were being forced to perform even if they tested positive for COVID-19.

SBS Exposes Spire Entertainment’s Horrid Treatment Of OMEGA X, Including Attempting To Force Them To Perform Concerts With COVID-19

Now, netizens have resurfaced an old Facebook post from Kang, and it’s quite disturbing.

While Kang has reportedly deleted her social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram, following her scandal and alleged resignation, screenshots still exist. A post from 2018 resurfaced in which she fangirled over an unspecified OMEGA X member before his official debut while he was competing on a survival reality show. A netizen shared it on social media, but the specific show and member’s names were censored.

| TheQoo

[Blurred Name of OMEGA X Member] got me supporting~!!!

[Blurred Name] ♡

How does he have such a pretty face~
and sing so, so sweetly~

You leave this noona so breathless~♡♡♡♡♡
(Or auntie, or ahjumma, or even ma’am… I’ll cry if you pick on me about this)

[Blurred Name], let’s debut~!!!

#[Blurred Name of the Survival Show]
#[Blurred Name]
You [Blurred Name] me ♡

— Kang Seong Hee

Netizens are incredibly disturbed that an older lady would talk about what many believe was an underage boy at the time, especially knowing that she has, until recently, been working closely with him. They feel she had been attempting to live out a fan-fiction fantasy.

| TheQoo
  • “Where did this cuckoo get the money to establish a whole entertainment company… LOL.”
  • “Wow… What the hell is this, really…”
  • “Ahjumma, please…”
  • “No way, did she really? Was she living some sick wild wattpad dreams with her artist? No… Please, no…”
  • “I looked some stuff up… I think she’s talking about the show Under Nineteen. A comment mentioned member initials YC who was born in 2001?”
  • “SICK.”
  • “Ew! YC was a high school student during that show, though…?! This is sending chills down my back.”
  • “F*ck.”
  • “This is disgusting, holy sh*t.”
  • “I feel nauseous.”
  • “Ugh, what the hell… I hate this.”

While the OP (original poster) censored both the idol’s name and the show, based on the date of Kang’s post, FOR X suspect it was Yechan.

2001-liner and maknae Yechan competed on Under Nineteen, the show that formed 1THE9, in 2018, when Kang made her post. He was only sixteen at the time.


Knowing that she was a fan of OMEGA X’s maknae before the group’s debut (while he was a minor) in light of her obsessive and abusive behavior towards the group, FOR X feel as though she’s a sasaeng that had a scary amount of access and knowledge.

Source: The Qoo

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