Spotify Data Shows BTS Is The World’s #1 Most Popular Artist To Fall Asleep To

Their top song to fall asleep to might surprise you!

In a new study based on extensive Spotify data, BTS ranks no.1 on the list of most popular artists to fall asleep to.

As part of a recent research project, British hotel chain Premier Inn set out to find which songs people listen to while falling asleep. After analyzing over 43,000 songs from hundreds of Spotify sleep playlists, the answer was clear: BTS are the lullaby kings!

BTS songs appeared a staggering 1,712 times in sleep related playlists on Spotify. They beat out Billie Eilish (who had 785 tracks on sleep playlists) and One Direction (who had 701 tracks).

According to the data, the most common BTS song to fall asleep to is pretty surprising: “Dynamite”. To most ARMYs, “Dynamite” is a song to get up and dance to, not lie down and sleep to.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

However, Premier Inn noted that the human body releases a mood-improving hormone called dopamine when listening to music. In turn, dopamine soothes and relaxes you. Since “Dynamite” is such a happiness-inducing track, it makes sense that the song releases plenty of sleep-boosting dopamine before bedtime.

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“Dynamite” ranked 5th on the list of most popular songs to fall asleep to, just behind tracks by Lewis Capaldi, Conan Gray, and Kodaline. Another BTS song, “The Truth Untold” with Steve Aoki, made it to no.49 on the list. This Love Yourself: Tear track features emotional vocals and a bare bones instrumental that make it an ideal lullaby.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Alongside both group songs, a BTS solo ranked in the top 50 too! “Sweet Night” by V, an OST from popular K-Drama Itaewon Class, is the 37th most popular song to fall asleep to. The aptly titled song is soft and gentle, and who wouldn’t want V to sing them to sleep?

| 방탄소년단/Facebook
Source: Premier Inn