Sprite Teases The Possibility Of BTS’s J-Hope Becoming A Brand Ambassador

🎶Chicken noodle soup with a Sprite on the side!🎶

We all know BTS‘s J-Hope loves Sprite! It is without a doubt his favorite soda, maybe even his favorite beverage, period!


He has mentioned the carbonated beverage in countless interviews. Whenever BTS is asked about their favorite foods, he never fails to mention Sprite as an accompaniment to his meal.

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J-Hope also has drunk it a few times during live broadcasts. It’s definitely his drink of choice!


He is practically a brand ambassador already, but some ARMYs are trying to make it official. They took to Twitter to get their voices heard.

Finally, after a few tweets directed towards Sprite, ARMY finally got a response! Sprite heard the request loud and clear… Now, we are waiting for them to make the ambassadorship a reality!

What’s stopping them? Sprite is manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company, which BTS has advertised for already. It seems that J-Hope and Sprite would be the perfect team!

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Source: Image and Twitter


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