“Squid Game” Accused Of Leaking Netizen’s Bank Account Number — Production Team Responds

They replied to the accusations

There are spoilers in this article. Please proceed with caution.

Netflix’s hit K-Drama was accused of leaking a netizen’s bank account information, however the production team has spoken up about the issue.

In the final episode of Squid Game, Seong Gi Hun tried to withdraw ₩10,000 KRW (about $8.47 USD) from an ATM after he was declared the winner of the games, and after he withdraws the money, the ATM displayed a bank account number alongside the rest of his prize money.

Screen capture from Netflix

Netizens noticed that the full bank account number was displayed, and naturally, curious netizens tried to see if the number was real, just like when the phone number on the business card was revealed.

When netizens tried to send money to the account in question, it was revealed that the account number is also currently in use by a person with the surname Lee through KakaoBank. Netizens claimed that the account number was used without permission.

Screenshot showing the account in question | Clien

The Squid Game production team has since commented on the claims, sharing that they negotiated with the owner of the account prior to the release of the show.

The bank account number was used after negotiating with the owner of the account during the content production process.

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Source: Osen and Wikitree

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