“Squid Game” Actor Heo Sung Tae’s Sexy Dance Goes Viral AF And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

“This has become my guilty pleasure…” 🥵🥵🥵

In the latest episode of SNL Korea Season 2Squid Game actor Heo Sung Tae showed off some prime dance moves and the internet can’t get enough!

Heo Sung Tae on “SNL Korea.” | SNL Korea

As a comic parody of Korean streamer Lee Chang Hyun‘s “Kokain Dance,” a trend of vibing to the song “Kokain 2021” by Initio and JERIDE

Streamer Lee Chang Hyun’s “Kokain Dance” | @CHMAN/YouTube 

…Heo Sung Tae appeared in front of the camera as “Heovely the YouTube Star” and nailed the dance moves! Dressed like the streamer too, in a uniform hat and a black dress shirt, Heo Sung Tae did not hold back when the music started.

Since Coupang Play uploaded the episode “highlights” to YouTube on January 30, 2022, the video has steadily gained 1.5M+ views.

The ten seconds of Heo Sung Tae’s sexiness have enchanted online communities…

…who claim, “It’s like an addiction.”

Online comments from February 5, 2022 KST. | THEQOO

When the clip went so viral, Coupang Play responded to the love and attention by releasing an hour-long version—which has been affectionately dubbed the “Heo-kain Dance.”

As expected, Heo-kain addicts are raving.

Online comments from February 6, 2022 KST. | THEQOO

Looks like the Squid Game supervillian—also beloved for being a supercutie—is now supersexy as well!

| @CoupangPlay/Twitter

Watch Heo Sung Tae’s SNL Korea episode highlights here.

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