Love It Or Hate It? Netflix’s “Squid Game” Reality Show Adds A Shocking, New Plot Twist

The competition just got more intense.

Netflix is upping the stakes for its biggest game show ever!

| Netflix

In the upcoming reality show, Squid Game: The Challenge456 people from around the world will play a real (but less lethal) version of the games played in Squid Game. The winner will take home $4.56 million USD, the biggest cash prize in TV history.

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In the Squid Game K-Drama, 456 cash-strapped people risked death by game (and occasionally each other) to escape poverty.

Like Squid Game‘s fictional players, thousands of real, ordinary people have answered Netflix’s global casting call in the hopes of winning a life-changing cash prize. They won’t, however, be the only ones taking part in the challenge.

Players (in green) and guards (in pink). | Netflix

A lineup of celebrities will be “competing alongside members of the public” in the games. One is Perez Hilton, an American blogger and media personality with a net worth of $20 million dollars.

Perez Hilton | Rex Features/The Sun

From the sounds of it, these celebrities won’t be cast as Squid Game‘s killer guards or its sadistic VIPs, who bet on players, but rather as part of the 456.

VIPs | Netflix

Fans are likely to be whipped into a total frenzy by these fresh revelations. It was thrilling enough to think they would see ordinary people attempting the tasks — though obviously no one will be hurt or killed attempting them.

— TV insider

It’s unclear how Squid Game fans or Squid Game: The Challenge applicants will react to this plot twist, but if nothing else, the mysterious celebrity lineup will likely generate buzz.

But the idea that celebs will be among those taking part adds a whole new dimension to the concept. Now all the talk will be around what other stars will be signing up for the show over the coming weeks.

— TV insider

Auditions for Squid Game: The Challenge will be closing soon. Check out the final casting call teaser here:

Source: The Sun