Here’s How “Squid Game” Actresses Jung Ho Yeon And Lee Yoo Mi Went From Co-Stars To Friends IRL

They really are #goals!

When it comes to the Netflix series Squid Game, fans have fallen in love with the characters despite the dark storylines and violent nature of the show. With everything that happens in the series, the cast brings humanity to a brutal concept.

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In particular, two characters who captured the hearts of audiences were Sae Byeok (played by Jung Ho Yeon) and Ji Yeong (played by Lee Yoo Mi). Despite not filming many scenes together, they created a friendship that fans loved.

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The cast recently sat down with The Swoon and tried to make some dalgona biscuits like in the series. Yet, as expected, they were given questions at the same time that really gave fans an in-depth look behind the scenes of the show.

In particular, the cast was asked about the most memorable character in the show. As expected, Jung Ho Yeon picked the character of Ji Yeong, as their scene was definitely one of the most impactful. She was then asked what their relationship was like off the camera.

Jung Ho Yeon went on to say, “We were great!” It seems like, even when the cameras were not rolling, the two had a relationship that was caring. In particular, Yoo Mi’s experience of acting helped the two connect.

It felt like we gave each other a lot of support. Yoo Mi is more experienced in acting, and she’s a great actress. When I talked about my concerns in acting, she was always considerate.

— Jung Ho Yeon

As they got closer, Jung Ho Yeon also explained that the two actresses would talk about a lot of things while on set because of that trust.

When it came to Lee Yoo Mi, she had similar thoughts and said that their age definitely helped their friendship blossom.

We’re the same age, and we share similar interests, so we got along really well. When we were filming, we kept sharing Ji Yeong and Sae Byeok’s feelings. There was no way we wouldn’t grow close.

— Lee Yoo Mi

Even after the show finished filming, Lee Yoo Mi shared that their friendship definitely went from co-stars to full-time BFFs.

After filming ended, we would go out to eat spicy rice cakes together, and we also went to a cafe to chat.

— Lee Yoo Mi

Jung Ho Yeon even added that months after the series was filmed, she will sometimes text Lee Yoo Mi to ask how she is!

As expected, two characters who caught the hearts of viewers have a relationship that is serious goals in real life. They even take amazing pictures with so many visuals that it is unfair…

| @leeyoum262/ Instagram
| @leeyoum262/ Instagram

Despite their scenes being built in a weird order and even the fact that their characters might not have even been in the series, fans are grateful to have witnessed two iconic female roles!

You can watch the whole video below.

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