“Squid Game” Jung Ho Yeon Stuns At Paris Fashion Week For Her First Runway Since Her Acting Success

She was the main event of Louis Vuitton’s show!

In 2021, fans worldwide became rightly obsessed with Netflix’s new series Squid Game. It was their first taste of the industry for those unfamiliar with K-Dramas. Almost overnight, the cast of the show found themselves gaining unprecedented fame and popularity.

One of those who went from being relatively unknown to a global superstar overnight was Jung Ho Yeon, who played Kang Sae Byeok in the series.

Jung Ho Yeon in “Squid Game” | Netflix

Yet, despite her dedication to the role and amazing ability to connect with fans, Squid Game was her first role, and she gained fame as a model. Back in 2013, she starred in Korea’s Next Top Model and became known for her unique look and amazing skills.

| @hoooooyeony/ Instagram
| @hoooooyeony/ Instagram

Although Jung Ho Yeon has spent the last year traveling the world and promoting Squid Game, the model returned to her first job as a model. Like many idols, Jung Ho Yeon took the trip all the way to Paris for this year’s Fashion Week.

Last October, Jung Ho Yeon was made the brand’s newest global ambassador for Louis Vuitton

| @hoooooyeony/ Instagram
Jung Ho Yeon’s Louis Vuitton shoot | Louis Vuitton

Yet, unlike the other stars, rather than just being an ambassador, Jung Ho Yeon made her return to the catwalk as a model for the Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall-Winter 2022 Fashion Show.

And she recently showcased why she was such a fitting choice as she braced the runways in Paris. Jung Ho Yeon was the first model out and, despite focusing on her acting the past year, has proved that she belongs on the runway.

| Louis Vuitton/ YouTube
| Louis Vuitton/ YouTube   

Dressed in a pair of iconic striped pants, a cream blouse and a statement brown leather jacket, and a floral tie and cream bag to match, Jung Ho Yeon definitely caught the attention of the crowd.

| Louis Vuitton/ YouTube

Even in still shots, it seems that no matter where she was and how far into the show it was, Jung Ho Yeon had the perfect expression from beginning to end.

| Vogue

Even as the show came to a close and the models did their final lap of the venue, Jung Ho Yeon stayed cool, calm, and collected, showcasing her visuals, talent, and undeniable charisma.

| Louis Vuitton/ YouTube
| Louis Vuitton/ YouTube 

Although fans love seeing her on the screen and can’t wait to see her future in entertainment, she definitely still looks at home in the modeling world. Hopefully, she can have more time to do more shows and events like this before things get hectic again for the show’s second series.

You can read more about Jung Ho Yeon’s modeling career below.

Source: Louis Vuitton

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