“Squid Game” Proves To Be A True Syndrome As Even Passersby Stop On The Streets For A Game Of “Red Light, Green Light”

Korean netizens were amazed!

It seems like Squid Game‘s popularity is as high as ever. Not only did the cast appear on Jimmy Fallon recently, the show has been highly talked about on social media with multiple memes and TikToks going around. In fact, it’s so famous that even non-Koreans can now recognize the iconic “mugunghwa kkochi pieosseumnida” jingle of the Red Light, Green Light game.

One TikToker in particular decided to play the audio out loud in the middle of the street. Luckily it was on campus so there was not that many cars on the road. Surprisingly, everyone played along and stopped when the audio paused. Even the campus police played along!

Koreans were fascinated by this turn of events. Never did they think that Squid Game would become a total syndrome overseas!

  • “If you go on TikTok, all the foreigners are going crazy over Squid Game as one.”
  • “So cute kkkk”
  • “Let’s do this too kkk”
  • “Wow kkk”
  • “This is totally the strength of culture kkkk it’s amazing”
  • “Heol scary kkk”
  • “So fascinating kkk”
  • “Wow”
| theqoo

Isn’t it amazing? We wonder what hit drama Netflix will come up with next.

Source: theqoo