“Squid Game” Criticized For Plagiarism Of Japanese Movie “As The Gods Will”

There are similarly filmed scenes.

Netflix‘s latest hit drama, Squid Game, has been hit with a series of plagiarism allegations. While the theme of a survival deathmatch is common enough, some netizens have pointed out that the similarities do not simply stop at the plot.

One netizen compiled a list of similarly filmed scenes between Squid Game and the Japanese movie, As The Gods Will. From the giant doll head during the common game of Red Light, Green Light to the countdown clock and the run-slide scene, there are many overlaps.

Check out the scenes in detail below.

The opening game, Red Light, Green Light, is also the same, while the other games differ. This may largely be due to Squid Game making use of Korean childhood games as their premise.

Another game scene, Tug O War, was also criticized for copying its premise from a comedy skit in Korea. Below is the original.

On the other hand, others defend the writer Hwang Dong Hyuk in terms of the plot, for Squid Game had been written since 2008. What do you think? Plagiarism or not?

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