The Further Response From The “Squid Game” Production Team To The Phone Number Owner Angers Netizens

They gave another offer.

It was previously reported that the actual owner of the phone number exposed in the K-Drama Squid Game had been facing trouble due to the many calls she’d been receiving from strangers. However, Netflix failed to give a sufficient response following suit.

We can’t do anything since it [phone number] already went out and it’s not like we did it intentionally. Honestly, we think the only option is for you to change your number.

— Netflix “Squid Game” production crew’s response

It was also reported that the production crew offered a compensation of ₩1.00 million KRW (about $851 USD). In a further update, the owner of the phone number shared that the production team had contacted her once more and upped the offer to ₩5.00 million KRW (about $4300 USD). They also told her that it was impossible to remove the number from the drama.

The production team told me it was impossible to remove my number. At first, they offered a million KRW in compensation for damages but changed it to 5 million later on the 24th.

— Phone number owner

The response continued to anger the viewers.

  • “Can’t they just change it with CG or edits? Why are they being like that?”
  • “Let’s sue them.”
  • “Can’t they just cover the number??.. What’s the reason they can’t? The numbers don’t have any meaning right?”
  • “Is it an auction or something. They suck.”
  • “Why are they like that? They must be nuts. They’re f*cking around with 1 or 5 million KRW saying they can’t change it when the number has been used for over 20 years as a business number and the number is currently being bombarded with countless prank calls in a day.”
  • “Don’t they know that the slower they are at rectifying this, the money they’ll have to compensate rises?”
  • “What nonsense! Perhaps if they gave 5 million monthly, then maybe.”
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Source: theqoo and chosun

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