Staff of Popular Singer “A” Currently Being Tested For Corona19 (COVID-19)

The artist is also self-quarantined at the moment.

The staff member of popular singer “A”, who remains unidentified, is suspected to have Coronavirus (COVID-19). The impact is expected to be even greater, as the staff member traveled with the singer overseas while on business together, possibly infecting others too.

According to an exclusive report from Osen, one staff member of popular singer “A” had symptoms of Coronavirus after returning from their trip abroad with the artist for a photoshoot. The staff member was tested on February 27 and is currently awaiting results.

In particular, the staff member was on the same flight as the artist, and it was also said that the staff member visited their managing agency after returning to South Korea.

The artist and the other staff around the artist are currently self-isolating at their homes.

— Insider

With news that a Corona19 patient is now in the entertainment industry, the scene is expected to be on high alert to prevent further spread. Many entertainment agencies are having their employees work from home whenever possible to prevent the spread of the virus.


Source: Osen