Staff For Red Velvet Yeri’s Video Call Fansign Apologizes For Rudeness To Fans

“We are very sorry to have concerned fans due to the staff that conveyed unclear facts to the artist…”

A staff for Red Velvet Yeri‘s recent video call fansigns was called out on Twitter for his rudeness towards fans. The fan had been unable to properly hear the audio for the video call and relayed the information to Yeri. However, the staff at the fansign had immediately begun to falsely explain to Yeri that the fans were purposely doing so just to record the reaction of the artist.

The staff was heard saying to Yeri, “They are just continuously taking screenshots while saying they can’t hear to see your reaction. As soon as the call starts, they start continuously taking screenshots and purposely say that to try to drag time and to see your reaction and upload it straight on Twitter.

Fans were disgruntled at his actions, with some claiming he was “mansplaining things falsely” to the artist, while others called him out for being rude to paying fans. On the other hand, others argued that rather than screenshots, fans had no time to waste during such calls and simply press video record right off the bat, calling him out for his mistaken explanations. The fan even uploaded a cut of their video call to prove that the audio genuinely had issues.

Following which, the organizer of the fansign, Soundwave, issued an apology late at night after recognizing that the matter had gone viral.

Hello. This is Soundwave. We are very sorry to have concerned fans due to the staff that conveyed unclear facts to the artist during the fansign for Red Velvet’s Yeri today. We have recognized the severity of the situation internally and we will pay special attention to make sure such things do not happen again. Once again, we sincerely apologize to the fans.

— Soundwave

Not only regarding the matter of the staff, Soundwave had also been accused of changing the time of the calls at the last minute, shifting it to an hour earlier than planned and had only notified fans 10 minutes before it was about to begin.

With this apology, fans hope that fansign staffs will tread with more care in the future.

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