Star Empire confirms Jewelry’s disbandment after 14 years

After 14 years since making their debut, girl group Jewelry has been confirmed to have disbanded by their agency Star Empire.

On January 7th, Star Empire shared the news, “Jewelry officially disbanded as of January 2015.” 

The agency shared their thanks to fans who had supported the group all these years, saying,Ha Ju Yeon (Baby J) and Park Semi’s contract expired with Star Empire, while Kim Yewon is continuing activities under Star Empire.”

The agency also reveals that former member Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah, as well as the latest members of Jewelry, Eunjung, Baby J, Yewon, and Semicame together for one last pictorial for InStyle magazine on January 7th.

Jewelry made their debut in March 2001 with “I Love You,” staying active and keeping the group name alive through various member rotations.

Read Star Empire’s full post on the girl group’s fancafe below, posted on January 7th at 6:40PM KST.


This is Star Empire

Jewely which debuted in March of 2001 with the song <I Love You>

Has officially disbanded as of January 2015.

We thank everyone who has loved Jewelry and their music for long 14 years.

We ask that you will cheer on the members of Jewelry who will continue their career as individuals

Ha Jooyeon and Park Semi whose contracts are now expired will leave Star Empire to find new nests and Kim Yewon has decided to stay in Star Empire.

Park Jungah , Seo Inyoung, Ha Jooyeon, Kim Yewon, and Park Semi got together for the first time in a long time to do a photo shoot and Jewelry’s las photo shoot will be included in the February issue of Instyle.

We sincerely thank everyone from Jewelry Box (Official fanclub) who has shown Jewelry such love.”

Source: Herald Kyungjae and Jewelry’s Official Fancafe

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