Fans Theorize The Meaning Behind “THE STAR SEEKERS” Character Name Reveal

These fan theories have us SHOOK!

THE STAR SEEKERS (formerly known as “TXT Universe”, “+u”, and “TU”) is a fictional universe starring TXT that is based on music videos, short films, and photocards that have been released throughout their career since their debut in 2019.


Today, THE STAR SEEKERS by HYBE Twitter page revealed the character names of each member along with some new concept photos. Fans quickly flooded the comments section, posing possible theories based on translations of each name.

The hashtag #Eugene began trending shortly after Yeonjun‘s character name was released and many fans began creating memes, placing him side by side with Flynn Rider from Tangled who shares the same name.

This may not just be a funny coincidence. Fans speculate that, much like Flynn Rider, who becomes part of the royal family at the end of Tangled, Yeonjun will also be a part of royalty, possibly even a king.

Fans suspect that Yeonjun and Beomgyu may have some connection to each other, the name Eugene referring to royalty and the name Viken meaning ‘to conquer.’ There may have even been hints of this feud in TXT’s 2020 MMA performance.

Check out the full performance here:

One popular theory is that Beomgyu will be the villain of the story and Yeonjun will be the main character.

Another connection that fans are making is in the names chosen for Soobin and Taehyun. Both names have to do with a body of water, with Soule meaning at the edge of the lake and Taho meaning a larger body of water.

Smaller bodies of water like ponds and lakes often form into larger bodies of water. Fans believe that this connection could be related to Soobin and Taehyun being portrayed as liars in the music video “Can’t You See Me?” It may be that their lies and secrets will start out small and end up creating bigger problems for the characters as the story unfolds.

Check out the “Can’t You See Me?” music video here:

Hueningkai‘s name is related to birds, referencing the wings that his character is known for. He is often compared to an angel and is usually seen as innocent and naive.

In the concept photo for Hueningkai’s character, he has a bird feather in his hand, strengthening the theory of his name’s meaning.

Hueningkai | THESTARSEEKERS_/Twitter

It could be that while all the other characters keep secrets, lie, and fight against one another, Avys will remain true to everyone and will be unaware of everything that is going on.

TXT has always managed to excite fans through their creative ideas and subtle hints that leave fans wanting more. THE STAR SEEKERS is set to release on January 17. We look forward to getting the answers we have all been waiting for.

Source: The Star Seekers by Hybe Twitter


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