Starlights Celebrate VIXX’s 8th Anniversary with #8YearsWithVIXX

The years have really flown by!

May 24, 2012, was VIXX‘s debut date when they came out with their first single, “Super Hero”. The iconic group quickly became known for their unique concepts and sometimes creepy, horror-themed music videos, with “Voodoo Doll” still being the most popular Halloween-themed K-Pop MV for fans to play and dance to on the holiday. (Trigger warning for gore)

With N and Leo completing their military service and Ravi and Ken focusing on their solo careers, VIXX hasn’t had a proper comeback in some time, but fans can hope that they will once all 6 members are able to be back together again!

Today marks the 8th anniversary since VIXX’s debut, and fans are taking to social media with the hashtag #8YearsWithVIXX to celebrate the occasion. Here is what people are saying!

1. All the OG Starlights out there

2. Never forget!

3. It really doesn’t seem that long ago!

4. We’ve all been there watching these incredible performers

5. It’s never too late to stan!

6. All Starlights will understand

7. So much love for these guys

8. This throwback!

9. Could it be??

10. Happy anniversary VIXX!


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