Starship Entertainment Apologizes For IVE’s Greeting Gesture Controversy, Announces Immediate Change

Their response came just one day following EVERGLOW fans’ complaints.

Starship Entertainment has officially responded to the ongoing controversy regarding their rookie girl group IVE and their introduction greeting.

Rookie girl group, IVE.

Just a day ago, IVE found themselves in the middle of an unexpected controversy when EVERGLOW fans noticed similarities between the two girl groups’ introduction greetings.

Here is IVE’s introduction…

IVE’s greeting.

…compared to EVERGLOW’s introduction.

EVERGLOW’s greeting.

Both girl groups position three fingers sideways to mimic the letter ‘E’ in IVE and the ‘E’ in EVERGLOW.

IVE’s Leeseo (left) and EVERGLOW’s E:U (right) | Star Today, TV Daily

However, following the growing criticisms from EVERGLOW fans, Starship Entertainment officially apologized for their mistake, stating that while they “were not aware of similarities with other groups, [they] will revise it for the future.”

IVE | Starship Entertainment

Given that IVE debuted just a day ago and EVERGLOW debuted back in 2019, this was the best response that Starship Entertainment could have given. And with that said, we look forward to seeing IVE’s new greeting gesture!

In related news, IVE recently made their debut with “Eleven”, while EVERGLOW just made their highly anticipated comeback with “Pirate.” The two talented groups showcase some strong girl crush vibes, so be sure to check out both music videos down below!

Source: Naver News