Starship Entertainment Announces IVE’s Rei Will Take A Temporary Hiatus Due To Health Concerns

Get well soon, Rei.

Starship Entertainment has announced that IVE‘s Rei will take a temporary hiatus due to health concerns.

In a statement shared on IVE’s fancafe, Starship Entertainment shared that Rei was suffering from health concerns and will take time off to recover.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about the health condition of our artist, IVE’s Rei, and her participation in future activities.

Rei recently visited a hospital for an examination and consultation after noticing abnormal symptoms such as heart palpitations and stuffiness and the doctor’s diagnosis was that rest and treatment was required. Following the opinion of the doctor and discussing with Rei, we have decided that she will temporarily suspend her activities to focus on her health.

We ask for your generous understanding of our decision to put the health of our artists as our priority. We will inform you of any changes in due time.

We apologize for the sudden news and we will do our best to help Rei focus on her recovery and safety.

Please give Rei your support for her quick recovery.

Thank you.

— Starship Entertainment

IVE just made their comeback with their full album I’ve Ive and the title track “I Am”.

Source: Starship Entertainment


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