“How Cheap Of Them” — Netizens Call Out Starship Entertainment’s General Manager For Leaving Ambiguous Comments Under NewJeans’ Posts

Are they on the edge about NewJeans as IVE’s rivals?

A Starship Entertainment staff was recently accused of leaving ambiguous comments on posts of NewJeans’ pictorials. While leaving comments alone would not have posed an issue, the staff had left comments that could be interpreted negatively.

On a post about Minji’s Chanel pictorial, the staff left the comment “hmm…”

| theqoo

On the other hand, the staff had been leaving positive comments for IVE members in comparison. For Rei, they left the comment “you’re doing great, you’re doing great at everything, our Rei is doing the bestest!

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The staff was revealed to be a general manager at Starship Entertainment. Netizens were quick to call them out as “childish,” and that it only served to show that they were on the edge about NewJeans as IVE’s competition.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Looks like their on the edge about NewJeans… How cheap of them.
  • LOL are they a double agent for ADOR? Did they climb the ladder to the GM position at Starship just for this day?
  • How embarrassing… Why are they like that?
  • Not even a regular staff, but their GM… You can tell how the vibes are at the company.
  • You just know for sure that NewJeans’ popularity is amazing LOL.
  • Their skills at doing reverse psychology viral marketing are still going strong. Hmm…ship Entertainment.
  • There are so many people that are already trying to tear their idols’ achievements down by saying that the company is consistently doing viral marketing for them. I can’t believe their GM is feeding the trolls.

Many are calling out the general manager for their actions, calling it a blight on the girls’ achievements.

Source: Theqoo