Starship Entertainment Introduces Their New Girl Group “IVE”

They’re coming for K-Pop.

Starship Entertainment has announced their new six-member girl group IVE.

Starship Entertainment has announced that their new girl group IVE will be debuting before the end of 2021. They have also shared that IVE is short for “I HAVE”, which shows that the group has a confident appearance. Starship Entertainment plans to establish the group’s brand identity prior to debut and lead them onto the path for success.

IVE will be Starship Entertainment’s first girl group in five years, after WJSN (Cosmic Girls). Insiders have stated that the group has it all, from visuals and star quality to skills to back it up. Former IZ*ONE members Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin are highly expected to be making their debut with IVE, alongside former SM Entertainment trainee Lami.

Watch the first trailer for the group below:

Source: Mydaily