Starship Entertainment Strongly Denies Nude Photos Of MONSTA X’s Shownu Exists, State They Are Manipulated

Starship vowed to take legal action.

Starship Entertainment has released a statement after a netizen posted photos on social media, claiming they were of MONSTA X’s Shownu.

One netizen posted a set of 3 photos on social media. One picture showed a man, supposedly Shownu, in a bed sleeping. In another photo, the man in the picture appeared to be not wearing any clothes.

Starship Entertainment has firmly denied the man in the photos was Shownu, and vowed to take legal action against the person who started the rumor.

Right now, photos involving Shownu that were illegally manipulated are spreading online and through social media. We will file a report with the police against the person who released the photos first, as well as against the people who have spread the photos. We will work with our legal counsel to pursue strong legal action against them via lawsuits, seeking compensation for damages based on violating the Law on Special Cases For Sexual Violence Crimes, spreading pornographic material, and violating personal right.

— Starship Entertainment

Source: Xportnews and News1