Starting in March, Naver Will No Longer Allow Netizens To Leave Comments On Entertainment Articles

They are trying to fight against malicious commenters.

Naver will be temporarily abolishing the comments section on Entertainment Industry related articles to combat malicious commenters.

According to a release from Naver’s Operations Team today, Naver will be temporarily suspending the ability for users to leave comments on articles that relate to the entertainment industry, in an attempt to lessen the malicious comments some celebrities receive. Naver made this decision as they feel like they are also partly responsible for the violation of celebrities’ personal rights, as their service allowed some users to use the comments section to attack certain celebrities.

Naver pledged to put in their all-out effort to solve the problem of malicious commenters using their advanced technology and operational policies. While they continue to work on a solution, they decided to prioritize empathizing with the celebrities who are affected by the comments, and that they need to be protected. Thus, they made the decision to close the comments section on entertainment related articles until the structural overhaul of their comments section is completed.

In addition, Naver is trying to combat the problems of the auto-completion function on the search bar. The search bar functions similarly to Google, where the engine will auto-suggest search terms that relate to the word being searched. In some cases, keywords that violate artists’ personal rights or contain unconfirmed rumors are suggested, due to many people searching them. In order to respect the artists, Naver decided to abolish related search terms on their platform.

Searching for BTS shows related terms such as “BTS comeback”, “BTS concert”, and “BTS album”.

Naver is not the only search portal that is working to crack down on malicious commenters. Daum announced earlier that they would also be removing their real-time search terms this month. They have already removed the comments section from their entertainment articles.

Source: MyDaily