Drama “Start Up” Starring Suzy And Nam Joo Hyuk Releases Main Concept Posters – Here’s All We Know About The Show

A visual explosion.

tvN‘s newest weekend drama, Start Up, has released their second round of teaser posters for the show. The posters set just the sort of vibe that you would expect from a youthful drama about the younger generation fresh into the working force.

Start Up is set to be a drama that reflects the lives of Korea’s “Silicon Valley” sandbox, about youths that dream of success and run towards the future. In the current pandemic, hopefully many will draw inspiration and gain some motivation from it.

However, Start Up also promises to show the reality behind the work force and the hardships one must go through before reaching success.

Suzy is set to play the female lead, Seo Dal Mi, who dreams of having her own successful start up one day. She takes up a part-time job to raise funds after dropping out of college. She joins hands with Nam Do San, played by Nam Joo Hyuk, who apparently was her first love back in the day. In order to achieve the ideal first love image to her, he started up his own company two years prior to their reuniting. However, the company is not doing well.

Kim Seon Ho plays Han Ji Pyung, known to be prickly in his industry of angel investments. He holds a soft spot for some one that has helped him in his childhood. Lastly, Kang Han Na plays Won In Jae, a second generation chaebol that swears to get to success on her own two feet, as she considers her background a weakness.

The new drama is set to air in October, on both tvN and Netflix, so stay tuned!

Source: Dong A