STAYC Stuns With The Number Of Advertisements They’ve Done Only 9 Months After Their Debut

This is seriously impressive!

STAYC only debuted 9 months ago, but they are continuously proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. The 6 gorgeous members made headlines almost instantaneously after their debut for their stable live vocals that made it hard to believe that they were rookies. With such positive traction following their debut, it seems that the girls are continuing to slay in a different way and this time, it’s with advertisements.


In the Korean entertainment industry, getting selected as an advertisement model is not only a huge honor, but it’s also a big indicator of success. Only the trendiest and the most popular celebrities get chosen by brands — and rightfully so. Choosing the right endorsement model is crucial for these companies, since it could make or break their product sales.

While the girls are steadily becoming one of the nation’s hottest girl groups, rookies are rarely ever chosen as advertisement models. Which is why it is incredibly shocking to hear that STAYC has been chosen as the endorsement model for not 1, not 2, but 3 different companies!

| High Up Entertainment

First up we have the colored contact lens brand, LENS ME. The girls were selected as the brand’s muse just a couple weeks ago, as LENS ME representatives shared, “please look forward to STAYC’s young and fresh charm through LENS ME brand as we work together to create a good synergy.”


Next up, the girls were selected to be the endorsement models for LG Household & Health Care. To be more specific, the 6 ladies were chosen to promote different cosmetic brands under the LG name, such as Dr. Belmeur, Nature Collection, and CODE GLOKOLOR. The CEO of LG Household & Health Care shared with the public that it was because of STAYC’s “healthy image and charms” that they were chosen.

| LG Household & Health Care

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the global headphones brand, Philips. The girl group’s label High Up Entertainment confirmed the news just a day ago, stating that the rookie girl group was selected to be the face for the headphones brand.

| Philips

Wow, if this is what they accomplished in just 9 months, we can’t imagine what their future holds. Congratulations to STAYC and all of their achievements so far!

In related news, STAYC will be making their highly anticipated comeback on September 6, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! In the mean time, check out their concept teaser video down below.

Source: WikiTree