Here’s When STAYC Members Will Get Paid According To Their CEO

It’s faster than most groups.

STAYC is one of the more successful girl group debuts, considering the highly saturated market. While not many make it to the top, STAYC is sure on their way there, given their growing popularity. Despite only having debuted for a little shy of a year, they have already had 2 comebacks in addition to their debut song and each one becomes a trend.

On the topic of when they will get paid, their CEO, Black Eyed Pilseung, spoke up. Firstly, to produce just one single album or comeback, he estimates that it takes almost ₩1.50 billion KRW (about $1.27 million USD) to ₩2.00 billion KRW (about $1.69 million USD). This includes fees for the music video, clothing, hair and makeup, stage clothing, training, general upkeep and more.

He then shares that in order for them to make a good margin, each comeback needs to generate about ₩2.00 billion KRW (about $1.69 million USD) to ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.54 million USD).

As the company is a small one, they follow the general rule that trainees will fully get paid after their trainee and debut debt has been fulfilled.

Their CEO stated that STAYC is close to breaking even, and he estimates that the girls will start being paid from middle to end of 2022. This doesn’t mean the girls go hungry in the meantime though! He clarified that by “paid”, he means that only then the girls will be able to take back home a sum of money they can be proud of.

Most companies don’t take the full cut from their artists to pay off their trainee debts. Instead, they take a large percentage of it until the debt is paid. Although this means the debt takes longer to pay off, at least the artists don’t go without money in the meantime.

Congrats to STAYC for their achievements! Most take longer than a year to pay things off. Check out the interview below.