Why Are STAYC Holding These Props In Their Teaser Photos?

STAYC girls, what in the world is going down?

Hype has been steadily building for STAYC‘s next comeback ever since it was announced last month.

STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

Things really kicked off when they changed the layout of their Twitter account last week, and now they’re ramping up the tension even more by dropping teaser photos.

The photo sets are all arriving in pairs, one pink-centric to reflect the “YOUNG” theme, and the other monochromatic to reflect the “LUV” theme. The LUV teaser pictures are particularly interesting for one reason: these girls are armed!

Though it can be difficult to tell with all the black and silver, the girls are definitely holding balloon guns.

Yoon and Sieun are even aiming straight at us!


Don’t even get us started on Seeun and J‘s unsafe handling of firearms.


All that is without even mentioning the fact that they’re standing in front of a giant balloon tank! What on earth are these girls getting up to in this next comeback?

We guess we’ll have no choice but to wait until the album releases on February 21st to see why they’re so ready for battle!

Source: @STAYC_official